Starting from our residence Abruzzo Resort you can visit many characteristic places in the surrounding area.Tortoreto is the ideal seaside resort for a family holiday. The sea is clean, clear and has received the Blue Flag award. The beaches are perfect for those travelling with children, thanks to the seabed that descends gently towards the deep water. There are many seaside resorts, but there are also cycle paths suitable for those who love to ride a bike, such as the one that starts from Giulianova and goes all the way to Martinsicuro, passing through Tortoreto.And what about the splendid medieval village of Tortoreto Alta?
You can plunge into the past by walking along the narrow streets, which tell an ancient story and in the meantime admire the remarkable view thanks to the 227 meters of altitude.Surely a stop not to be missed in Tortoreto is the Clock Tower, built in medieval times and the Madonna della Misericordia Chapel, a true Renaissance treasure.
Every summer numerous events are organized. One of these is the evocative Palio del Barone, a medieval-style historical feast that recalls the ancient marriage between the sons of two noble families. Also worth mentioning are the various gastronomic themed festivals that every year allow you to get to know the local features.

Tortoreto is really the perfect place for your family holiday. The city has been awarded several times with the Green Flag, an award given to the best Italian beaches for services to children. This has allowed the creation of Tortoreto Baby Friendly, a project set up by the Tortoreto Hotel Managers Association, with the idea of providing services suitable for younger guests, specific for their well-being and fun. In this way, safe and quiet areas have been set up on the beach, perfect also for mum and dad's relax.
Accommodation establishments that join must provide certain amenities, such as:

  • Small beds with rails for children up to 2 years old (on request at the time of booking)
  • Highchairs in apartment (on request at time of booking)
  • Changing tables in toilets
  • Playground in the accommodation facilities and on the beach
  • Bicycles also with child seats (rental)

We at Abruzzo Resort take part in this project with many services and with a special attention to our youngest guests!
The mascot of Tortoreto Baby Friendly is Marina, the Little Children Mermaid! The pretty little mermaid is the fantastic character that will accompany your children during your stay in town, with music, gadgets and colors around Tortoreto!

Discover the story of Marina, the Children Mermaid!

Not long ago, on a warm summer evening lit by the full moon, a sweet little mermaid named Marina played among the waves of our sea with shells and curious crabs that tickled her tail.

While she was happily joking with an octopus, she was attracted by the lights of the coast and the laughter of some children who played, danced and sang with their mothers and fathers in the bathing establishments.
"Such joy and such delicious smell," said Marina as she looking at a restaurant by the sea.
"I want to see what's going on over there," Marina said. She slowly approached the coast and arrived on the beach. A child saw her and said surprised to her friends: "Look... a little mermaid!"

All the children went to Marina, happy and curious. "So there are mermaids!" exclaimed one of them. "Sure..." replied Marina. "But not everyone can see us... Only those who believe in the magic of dreams!"
Marina, amused by so much attention, told about her fantastic adventures with her fish friends and the children told her all the beautiful things about their holiday in Tortoreto, the games, the walks, the parties and the music.

Marina understood why the children were so happy and from that moment on she returned to Tortoreto as often as she could. Every night on a full moon - still today - Marina comes back to visit the children on holiday in our town.

 "The little mermaid Marina is a registered trademark of the Association of Hoteliers and Tourist Operators of Tortoreto (all rights reserved)".

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